A New Name for the USMCA

Today we are going to talk about the USMCA and how we can rebrand it—we want to make it fancier, prettier, shinier, more marketable.  What can we do to change the name?

The name is ugly, it’s horrible: the “us—MUK—uh.”  It sounds like dirt you drag your enemies through; it should like a bad form of journalism.  

I offer alternative acronyms for the Agreement.  All of these acronyms are copyrighted by yours truly, but I feely give them to the governments of the US, Mexico and Canada to use as they choose, no strings attached—provided they have fun.

Let’s discuss some alternative names for the USMCA.  

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  1. TANA: Trade Agreement from North America 
  2. FANA: Free trade Agreement from North America
  3. ANA: Agreement for North America (it’s a name of the winds blowing down Southern California). I like ANA. 
  4. NAAG—North American AGreement.  Hm…negative connotations, so no
  5. TACMA: Trade for America-Canada-Mexico Agreement
    1. Technically that works but we’re going the wrong way down the road this is more complicated, has too many letters. What if we get rid of one letter?
  6. TACM: Trade for American-Canada-Mexico
    1. Not great, but still better than USMCA
  7. TAMC: Trace for America-Mexico-Canada
    1. Pronounced TAM-SEE.  You get to pronounce the letter C like a vowel! TAMC–easy to say, kind of hip, kind of rock-and-roll.  I like TAMC. 
  8. AMCA: America Mexico-Canada Agreement.
    1. Very generic, very vanilla, but it still works and is better than USMCA.
  9. FTANA: Free Trade Agreement for North American
    1. Pronounced f-TAN-uh
    1. No, FTANA is not going to work.
  10. FTNA: Free Trade for North America
    1. We’re going the wrong way, we have to turn around. FTNA is not going to work.
  11. The number one best name for the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement is the NAFTA!
    1. It worked before and it’ll work again. Everyone likes to say it and it’s easy to say. 

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