Incoterms® Rules Training & Consulting

Embark on International Trade with Confidence

Stepping into international trade requires a deep understanding of Incoterms® Rules set by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). At O'Meara and Associates, Inc., we specialize in providing Incoterms® Rules training, equipping your business with the knowledge and tools to succeed globally.


Understanding Incoterms® Rules

Incoterms® Rules, or International Commercial Terms, consist of 11 universally recognized acronyms, crucial for clear communication in international transactions. Updated in 2020 by the ICC, these terms standardize the understanding of shipment responsibilities, costs, and risks across borders.

Why Incoterms® Rules Matter

Incoterms® Rules are essential for preventing misunderstandings and disputes in international trade. Incorrect or overlooked use of these terms can lead to significant losses and operational and legal challenges. Our consulting services aim to ensure that your business navigates these complexities effectively.

Learn from an Expert

Led by Arthur O'Meara, an ICC-Certified Incoterms® Rules trainer with over 30 years of experience, our team offers unparalleled insights into the practical application of these terms. You can either learn from Mr. O'Meara's extensive writings on the subject or engage directly with our tailored training services.


Training Services

We offer:

  • Comprehensive Incoterms® Rules training
  • Customized consulting to align Incoterms® Rules with your business needs
  • Guidance on implementing these terms effectively in your international transactions

Take the Next Step

Don't let the complexities of international trade norms hinder your business's growth. Contact O'Meara and Associates, Inc. to schedule Incoterms® Rules training and embark on your international trade journey with confidence.

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